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Virginia Payday Lending Database: This is the Beta Site!

This website is used by payday lenders licensed in the Commonwealth of Virginia to access a statewide payday lending database. The Payday Loan Act, ยง 6.1-444 et seq. of the Code of Virginia, requires all licensed payday lenders to access this database in order to determine whether a potential borrower is eligible for a payday loan. The database will also advise licensed payday lenders whether a potential borrower is eligible for an extended payment plan or an extended term loan. Licensed payday lenders must also enter loan related information into the database in accordance with the Payday Loan Act and regulations promulgated by the State Corporation Commission. The requirement to use the database became effective on January 1, 2009. In order to access the database, you must be a licensed payday lender in the Commonwealth of Virginia and have an assigned User ID and Password.

This site is maintained by Veritec Solutions, LLC.

Specific questions regarding the use of this website, or the payday lending database, should be directed to Veritec Solutions, LLC at 1-877-VAPDL-01 (1-877-827-3501).
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